New iavireport.org Launches

IAVI Report recently launched an updated and improved website, www.iavireport.org, which offers several new features in addition to the content from all print editions of IAVI Report and VAX. Some of the new features include an Events and Meetings page listing relevant scientific conferences and a searchable database of all preventive AIDS vaccine trials that allows users to access information by trial status or strategy. Soon, users will also be able to navigate the clinical trials database through an interactive map that displays all countries with currently ongoing AIDS vaccine trials.

The new site also features the first IAVI Report podcast series, called “A Living History of AIDS Vaccine Research,” which offers historical analysis from some of the leading voices in the field. The series opens with a 30-minute podcast of Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. A shorter 10-minute version is also available. Additional installments in this series will be added to the site throughout the year, as well as other video projects.

Thoughts about the new site? The IAVI Report team would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments, which can be submitted through the Letters to the Editor or Contact Us links. If you would like to receive IAVI Report or VAX, please click on Subscribe. —Regina McEnery