In the Epidemic’s Heart

The Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa, CAPRISA, is working to unlock the secrets and weaknesses of HIV and TB in one of the most highly affected populations on earth.

In a waiting room inside Durban, South Africa’s eThekwini research clinic, Dr. Nigel Garrett, wearing a white lab coat and a couple of days of facial stubble, talks with five waiting volunteers. Between Garret and the volunteers is a side table stacked with slices of white bread for noshing as they wait for their names to be called.

Nurses and case workers emerge from and enter the door to a small examination and treatment room connected to the waiting area. Inside that room, one woman sits at a table and records numbers on spreadsheets, the anonymized identifications of the people outside and the trial biopharmaceuticals they are about to receive. Next to her are bags of liquids for infusions that are waiting to get hung beside an easy chair facing her table. READ MORE »


Understanding Sequential Immunization Strategies

Antibodies are one of the main ways the body fights off infection. These powerful proteins are also the key to the protection afforded by most, if not all, vaccines. So it is not surprising that HIV vaccine researchers have set their sights on antibodies. However, HIV presents some extraordinary challenges. READ MORE »


VAX 0714 AntibodyGraphic

Antibodies: Protein Power! An illustration explaining the isolation of broadly neutralizing antibodies and how they are being used in HIV treatment, prevention, and cure research.

Special Features

AIDSVu Ribbon

Mapping AIDS in the US

AIDSVu is an interactive online tool illustrating the prevalence of HIV in the United States. Developed by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta three years ago, AIDSVu takes detailed data on persons living with an HIV infection diagnosis in the United States and presents it in a map. This year's updates, unveiled on HIV Testing Day June 27, includes maps showing HIV prevalence data for 20 cities by zip code or US Census tract. To view the map, go to

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Understanding Ebola Vaccine Development

editorialWhat are the strategies scientists are using to develop vaccines to prevent Ebola?

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Clinical Trials Database



An interactive search of trials and results



The Journal of AIDS Vaccine ResearchThe View from the Mothership

Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise Director William Snow reflects on the past and ponders the future course for the organization, and the field of HIV vaccine research overall.