IAVI and Transgene partner on AIDS vaccine research and development

IAVI is partnering with Transgene, a French biopharmaceutical company, on the development and production of an AIDS vaccine candidate that uses an adenovirus serotype 35 (Ad35) vector to deliver HIV antigens into the body. The naturally-circulating form of adenovirus causes the common cold in humans and two ongoing AIDS vaccine trials are evaluating adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) as a vector, including a Phase IIb "test of concept" trial with a candidate developed by Merck.

The development of a novel candidate based on the Ad35 vector may have advantages over the Ad5 vector because fewer people worldwide have been previously infected by this serotype and therefore are less likely to have pre-existing immunity to the viral vector, which could limit the vaccine's efficacy (see February 2005 Primer onUnderstanding Pre-Existing Immunity).

IAVI has worked with Transgene on past studies and on the production processes for other AIDS vaccine candidates that the organization has tested in clinical trials.