IAVI and partners begin two phase I AIDS vaccine trials

IAVI, in partnership with industry and academic research centers, began two separate AIDS vaccine human trials in December 2003. The trials are testing two different vaccine candidates that will try to prevent HIV infection. The first trial is a collaboration between IAVI and the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center (ADARC), an affiliate of Rockefeller University (New York). The vaccine being tested is a new DNA vaccine called ADVAX and contains synthetic fragments of clade C HIV genetic material. None of the vaccine components can cause HIV infection. Clade C is the most common subtype of HIV in the world and is found in China, India and in sub-Saharan Africa. Forty-five healthy non HIV-infected men and women will participate in the study, which will test the safety and immunogenicityof the vaccine.

The second trial is a collaboration between IAVI, Targeted Genetics Corporation and Columbus ChildrenÕs Research Institute, and will be tested in Germany and Belgium. This is the first AIDS vaccine trial to take place in Germany. It is testing a vaccine called tgAAC09 AAV that contains fragments of clade C HIV genetic material within the outer coating of a virus called adeno-associated virus (AAV) The coating has been stripped off AAV; the actual virus is not used in the vaccine. None of the vaccine components can cause HIV infection. All together, the trial will enroll up to 50 volunteers.