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AIDS Vaccine Basics is comprised of our popular Primer series, textbook-like chapters of about 800 words each that aim to translate the complex world of AIDS vaccine science into simple but informative language. Here you will find deftly written explanations on how different AIDS vaccine strategies work, what cells comprise the different arms of the human immune system, and how to interpret the results of AIDS vaccine trials. The page contains a searchable key that allows readers to track down Primer topics dating back to 2003.

Understanding Informed Consent
How does the informed consent process work in vaccine trials?
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Understanding Community Advisory Boards
What role do Community Advisory Boards have in vaccine trials?
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Understanding Research Voluntary Counseling and Testing
How is voluntary counseling and testing provided to volunteers in clinical research or vaccine trials?
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Understanding Clinical Research Studies
What information can clinical research studies provide?
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Understanding Pre-existing Immunity
What is pre-existing immunity to a vaccine vector?
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Understanding Vaccine Adjuvants
How are vaccine immune responses strengthened?
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Understanding Viral Vectors
Why use viral vectors for AIDS vaccines?
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Understanding the Sexual Transmission of HIV
How does sexual transmission happen and how can it be blocked by vaccines or microbicides?
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Understanding Partial Efficacy
What is a partially effective vaccine?
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Understanding Vaccine Development
How are vaccines developed?
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Understanding the Immune System, Part II
How do AIDS vaccines prepare different parts of the immune system to fight HIV?
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Understanding the Immune System, Part I
How do vaccines interact with the immune system?
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Understanding Trial Approval
How does an AIDS vaccine trial gain official approval and community support?
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Understanding Routes of Transmission
Why do vaccines need to be tested in different populations?
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Understanding Viral Diversity
Why are there so many different versions of HIV?
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Understanding Vaccine Trials
How are AIDS vaccines tested?
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