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AIDS Vaccine Basics is comprised of our popular Primer series, textbook-like chapters of about 800 words each that aim to translate the complex world of AIDS vaccine science into simple but informative language. Here you will find deftly written explanations on how different AIDS vaccine strategies work, what cells comprise the different arms of the human immune system, and how to interpret the results of AIDS vaccine trials. The page contains a searchable key that allows readers to track down Primer topics dating back to 2003.

Understanding the Challenges of AIDS Vaccine Development
What are the major scientific obstacles to the development of an effective AIDS vaccine?
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Understanding Why an Effective AIDS Vaccine is Feasible
What evidence exists for immune control of HIV/SIV?
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Understanding Neutralizing Antibodies
Why are HIV-specific neutralizing antibodies so difficult to induce with vaccination?
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Understanding Immune Correlates of Protection, Part II
How can animal models be used to identify the correlates of protection for an AIDS vaccine?
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Understanding Immune Correlates of Protection, Part I
How can researchers identify the correlates of protection for an AIDS vaccine?
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Understanding AIDS Vaccine Pre-clinical Development
How are AIDS vaccine candidates tested for safety and immunogenicity before they enter clinical trials?
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Understanding Long-term Nonprogressors
What can AIDS vaccine researchers learn from studying people who are HIV infected but progress more slowly to AIDS?
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Understanding HIV Clades
How does the genetic diversity of HIV affect AIDS vaccine design?
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Understanding Home-Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing
How can home-based or mobile services for HIV counseling and testing improve community responses?
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Understanding Referral Networks in AIDS Vaccine Trials
What is the process for referring volunteers in vaccine trials for treatment and care?
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Understanding the Early Stages of HIV Infection
How can studying what happens immediately following HIV infection help researchers design an AIDS vaccine?
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Understanding Capacity Building at Vaccine Trial Sites
How can AIDS vaccine trials help build infrastructure and capacity in developing countries?
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Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Participating in Clinical Research
What are the major considerations influencing the decision to volunteer for an AIDS vaccine trial?
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Understanding Mucosal Immunity
How could the need to assess mucosal immunity affect AIDS vaccine trials?
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Understanding HIV Testing
How can participation in an AIDS vaccine trial affect HIV test results?
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Understanding Couples Voluntary Counseling and Testing
Why is voluntary counseling and testing for couples an important process for recruiting women into vaccine trials?
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